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1st - ANY OTHER WORLD by Kirstie Asciak
2nd - WHEREVER YOU WILL GO by Leanne Muscat Drago
Audience Award - PASSION by Nikki Balani
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Mediterranean Dance Festival 2011
Incite Motion awarded 1st place with 'Slow Me Down' choreographed by Astrid Gollcher
Dance Grand Prix Italia 2010
Incite Motion present 3 choreographies - 'Ode to Tranquility' and 'Slow Me Down', choreographed by Astrid Gollcher as well as 'Ave Maria' choreographed by Sarah Vella

Come back with 2 trophies.....Placing 1st and 2nd...
Insights 2010

An Evening of Dance  

Incite Motion School of Dance presented its first Dance production Insights on the 13th and 14th March at the MITP inValletta .

The students performed in front of a full house made up of a very appreciative audience that included the dancers` family members, friends and ballet lovers.

Incite Motion School of Dance opened its doors in October 2008 and in less than two years its directors Ms. Astrid Gollcher and Christiane Borg Manche consolidated the philosophy they have set for their school, to develop dance and dance education. It goes much further with a deeper insight to movement. The school endeavours to educate dancers through creativity, appreciation and performance. All three aspects were very much present in the choice of programme and its content.

The first act was dedicated to classical ballet in a short and amusing version of the story and ballet Sleeping Beauty with excerpts of original music by Tchaikovsky and modern composers. The choreography by Astrid Gollcher and Christiane Borg Manche was well adapted to the various levels of technique.

Princess Aurora was danced by Caroline Carta who showed elegance, grace and charm in her performance. She was accompanied by the six fairies whose different variations on pointe which were steady throughout. The younger students were very disciplined, in particular the three Blue Birds Julia Agius, Alana Busuttil and Kylie Vella who, at the tender age of seven, showed great promise as they danced away their polkas, galops and neat coupes.

The 2nd part was an entertaining Divertissement with a selection of various themes in Modern Jazz, Contemporary and Spanish Dance. Sarah Vella, a talented young Choreographer presented three very different works, marked by good musical sense, spatial design and development of context, climaxed by a beautiful dance to Celine Dion’s Ave Maria. Seven dancers weaved in and out of harmonious patterns showing good lines and expression in contemporary movement giving an interpretion to a prayer that was spiritually uplifting. Sarah Vella is taking up a one year vocational training course at the prestigious Laban School of Contemporary Dance in London.

Astrid Gollcher Fellow of the ISTD London in Modern Dance also presented some interesting pieces in Modern Jazz rich in creativity, excellent group work and a good standard of technique.

My congratulations go to both directors and their dedicated staff that includes Ms. Sandra Mifsud an excellent teacher and contemporary choreographer, Mr. Jason Fabri a pilates instructor within the School and Ms. Christelle D’Amato.  The lovely costumes were made by the very well known costume designer Ms. Maria Pisani.

The evening ended with the presentation of Annual Awards that is always much enjoyed and anticipated by students and parents. Much to my delight, on this occasion, the students were given a fine selection of books which benefits the dancers much more than the usual trophies.

 Wishing you many years of success.

  Tanya Bayona
  FISTD London
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Wayne Sleep 
Insights 2010
Incite Motion's first School Show

Sleeping Beauty and a Variety of Dances presented by the Upper School
Choreographics 2009
1st - Ave Maria by Sarah Vella
2nd - Gravity by Christina Chircop
3rd - Let It Be by Caroline Carta